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Preparedness is a state of readiness and self-sufficiency to survive potential disasters and future emergencies that disrupt your normal everyday life.

Are you ready for the obvious emergencies?

1. Natural Disasters
2. Terrorist Attacks
3. Public Utilities Disruption (like power outages – brown outs & blackouts)
4. Oil Embargo – soaring oil & gas prices.
5. Truckers Strike – disruption in delivery of everything from food to clothing.
6. Job Loss or Extended Illness.
7. Inflation, Hyper Inflation & Depression – money no longer buys what it used to.

Are you ready for emergencies you haven't thought about?

1. Monetary Collapse (the death of your dollar)
2. World War III
3. Civil Unrest and Rioting (from OWS crowd, activists, socialists, communists and anarchists) leading to Marshal Law
4. Total Power Grid Collapse by EMP – by a nuclear bomb (man-made) or solar flare (natural)
5. Invasion of Our Country (by foreign troops)
6. Influenza Pandemic – either national or worldwide
7. Major Asteroid or Comet Strike

In most cases, there is very little warning before such disasters or emergencies occur. These can be devasting events as, in most cases, they give you very little time to prepare yourself. So what do you do to prepare for these disasters and emergencies? Become a regular visitor of our website, read the Lou Greer Blogs, visit our link pages, educate yourself, put a plan together, and begin preparing now for the unknowns of the future.  

Our online store has quality preparedness / survival supplies and can be found by clicking through the Categories and Manufactures above. We have excellent products and competitive prices.  If you are in or near beautiful Prescott, Arizona, please stop by our store. You will find the same products and pricing at our retail store. We are here to answer any of your preparedness or survival questions and to help you become self-sufficient and PREPARED!

Off The Grid Survival Gear is your resource for help in getting prepared for emergency and survival situations. We carry emergency food buckets, MRE’s, freeze dried food, dehydrated food, bulk beans and grains, food storage, water storage, water filtration systems, survival supplies, 72 hour emergency kits, off grid power solutions and much more.

“Be prepared, not scared.” – Cody Lundin “Prepare yourself for what you HOPE won’t happen but probably WILL.” – Glenn Beck, 2009
“When the flu pandemic, terrorist attack , or massive currency devaluation occurs…you’ll need to get your beans, bullets and bandaids squared away, pronto. You’ll need to be prepared to hunker down for 3 or 4 months, with minimal outside contact.” – James Wesley, Rawles  (a New York Times best-selling survivalist –fiction author and editor/blogger of

Checkout our hottest specials!
Guide 10 Adventure Kit - Guide 10, Numad 7, 4 x AA's

Price: $149.99 

In an ever-changing world, the need for preparedness has never been greater. Without notice the game can change and the rules no longer apply. Questioning your gear at a crucial moment is not an option. Whether setting up camp or securing your perimeter, the Original Zombie knives are designed to perform under the most rigorous, unexpected and apocalyptic situations. Knife comes mounted with "toxic green" handles. Extra set of black scales included.

High quality 9" blade made from SK5 steel
Modern design with GFN-PA66 Handle
Includes nylon sheath with front stuff sack
Knife is mounted with green handles and includes an extra set of interchangeable black handles
Overall Length 14-5/8
Price: $79.99 

Voodoo Tactical The Praetorian Rifle Pack - OD

The Voodoo Tactical Praetorian Rifle Pack 15-0029 combines the best of the features found in the newest technology hiking packs with the needs and requirements of troops on the go. You get a fold-out platform for your rifle stock and a cord-lock sleeve which covers the barrel of your weapon for added protection. This rifle pack is a one-of-a-kind and will comfortably hold any rifle from 29" up to 58". Perfect for rifles from an AR15 to a .338 Lapaua. There's even a padded space between the front pockets so you can shoot right off your bag. This perfect size pack has a padded comfort back and adjustable padded shoulder harness. Multiple side, upper and lower rear pockets, all with reversed YKK coil zippers to keep the sand out. Lots of universal webbing for various pouch attachments, integrated handles, extra straps and buckles. Hook-n-loop I.D. patch on front, advanced harness retention system for maximum load carry and enhanced, removable padded waist belt with universal straps. Padded side-zip compartment for laptop computer carry with "inside the pack" office pockets. Hydration compatible. Measures 11"L x 7"W x 20"H. Available in Olive Drab, Black, Coyote Brown.

Voodoo Tactical Praetorian Rifle Pack 15-0029 Hydration Backpack Features:
- Hydration compatible
- Padded comfort back
- Adjustable padded shoulder harness
- Advanced harness retention system
- Removable padded waist belt
- Underside webbing to attach bed roll/jacket
- Reversed YKK coil zippers on all pockets
- Integrated carry handle
- Multiple side pockets with universal webbing
- Hidden pocket for your rifle stock
- Hidden pocket for your barrel protector
- Padded area between pockets to shoot off the bag
- Three hook-n-loop straps to secure your weapon

Price: $169.95